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Making art, science, history and culture available and comprehensible.

To re-cap, I am developing a FREE system for university museums to offer Digital Membership to an online version of their museums.

Here’s the features in this WordPress template:

  1. Exhibit display
  2. Live Zoom events
  3. Discussion boards
  4. eLearning courses
  5. Blog
  6. Free and paid memberships (with the latter getting access to more features

I’m trying to balance a variety of concerns. Although I’m giving away the product to university museums, some technologies may require a paid license and I’m trying to keep those expenses at a minimum. All things being equal (ok, when they are!), I selected the cheaper or free technology. At the moment, only the eLearning technology (LearnDash) requires a license. It’s a pretty low fee.

 The project uses the Divi theme—which has a license, but as clients of mine, I can provide this theme to them using my unlimited license. I renew it annually at a pretty low fee—which I won’t bother passing along.

Zoom, the message board and everything else (like the membership plugin) are free.

So, all is going well. I just need to complete this and then to have some museums try out the product with my assistance. Getting there.

You can view a demo of the project (still in progress) with an example “Museum of Space History” Digital Membership here:


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