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Making art, science, history and culture available and comprehensible.
I continue working on a FREE WordPress project to help save museums (especially university museums) during—and after—the current health crisis that has museums everywhere closed.

In my view, we need an expanded online presence for museums to offer rich experiences to more people and charging a modest ongoing fee to a large number of customers. Because geography isn’t a factor online, your Digital Members can come from anywhere. While you will earn less per customer, you have the potential of having a huge number of them.

As someone with a love for museums and a long history with them, I am working hard to offer them something for FREE that can keep them alive and flourishing.

Here’s the features in this WordPress template:

  1. Exhibit display
  2. Live Zoom events
  3. Discussion boards
  4. eLearning courses
  5. Blog
  6. Free and paid memberships (with the latter getting access to more features

I’ve made progress on all of these features. I’m using inexpensive or free plugins and resources to keep the licensing costs down (ideally zero) for the museums.

The museums will need SOME technical skills to run the site, but most of the effort should be educational (and engaging) content and marketing.

My sample demo site is an imaginary Museum of Space History, but the template can accommodate nearly any museum—art, history, science, whatever.

What do you think? Suggestions? Ideas? Criticisms?


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